At Winchburgh Primary School we have groups these groups allow the children to impact positive change within the school and wider community. 

These groups give the children the opportunity to take on leadership roles, develop and carry out school activities and have a voice in how our school learns.

Leading LightsWhat do they do?
Junior Road SafetyWe consider all aspects of road safety for the school pupils
Eco CommitteeWe raise awareness for the sustainability of our planet
Pupil CouncilWe discuss how we can improve our school
Fundraising GroupWe try to pick fun fundraising activities that include all
Rights Respecting SchoolsWe set a right for the month and make sure pupils know it and understand this
Sports CommitteeWe make sure our entitlement to sports is given
Digital LeadersWe are working to design a digital charter for our school
Global CommitteeWe try to raise awareness of global issues